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A Life Coach For Young Adults

life coach for young adults

Marty Introduces His Coaching Practice

Helping Young People with Capability, Confidence, and Calling

A life coach for young adults - because finding your way isn't obvious or easy

As a life coach for young adults, I support people at a time when they are putting in place the foundations for the life that will play out over the following decades. 

It’s an exciting time — full of opportunity and not yet burdened by the responsibilities that lie ahead. But it can be super challenging and stressful, as building those foundations calls for real decision-making, risk-taking, and gaining a bunch of new capabilities.

I’ve had the pleasure of supporting dozens of young people as they considered and/or navigated life’s challenges. I’ve witnessed repeatedly how third-party perspective and facilitation can make adult life transitions easier and quicker — and result in better outcomes. An experienced guide can help a young person to better understand situations, make smart plans, advance in measured steps, and accomplish their objectives.

So I became a life coach for young adults, assisting people as they work to build their happy life and position themselves for long-term success.

Marty Discusses This Generational Crisis

Some thoughts as we get started

Let's Avoid "Should" Thinking

I can help with ...

career coaching

Career coaching can help young adults identify their strengths and aptitudes, target careers of interest, set goals, and make plans to achieve them. Career coaching can help people build skills they need to win in the job market, such as interviewing, networking, and resume writing. 

life coaching

Life coaching can help young adults to succeed in the world with planfulness, confidence and positive energy. This includes building self-awareness, practicing intentionality, setting goals, growing step by step, and overcoming limiting beliefs or behaviors that may be holding them back. 

other challenges

There are other reasons young people may struggle to build their adult lives, especially issues related to finding employment. These include having medical or communications challenges, being new to this country, or being the first in the family to pursue skilled work or professional careers. 

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An experienced guide can help you to find your way.

I am a retired business guy with a ton of practical experience as a parent, a manager, an uncle and a friend, so I am well equipped to be a thoughtful life coach for young adults. For more info on my business career, check out my LinkedIn page. 

If you are feeling challenged by topics big or small on your way to becoming your own adult person, perhaps I can help you. When we think things through together it will help you to relax a bit and take smart steps in good directions. I bet that your stress level will drop, your confidence will grow, and you will feel increased capability and momentum with each passing month.

As your personal coach I can engage with you in different ways, and sometimes more effectively than family members or friends — certainly differently than parents. The guidance of a trusted mentor exists in complement to the voices of parents, siblings, friends or other concerned parties.

As your life coach I bring…

As your life coach I provide…

As your life coach I can…

life coach for young adults
"Let's help you to think things through, make smart decisions, and get on your way one step at a time."
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