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Extended Launch People

I feel strongly that it is too easy – and not useful at all – for any third party to assign a young adult’s struggles to laziness, immaturity, or other negative characterizations.  I have found that these challenges can correlate strongly with young people having high degrees of intelligence, thoughtfulness, humility, sensitivity, and big picture thinking.  That a person in this generation is struggling is not at all a condemnation of their character or capability.  

A Quiet Crisis

This generational challenge, that some young people stall in a significant way on their “adulting” journeys, is widely apparent. Our communities are full of these situations. I bet everyone reading this can name someone who is currently struggling this way or has struggled in the past.   
But it is a strangely quiet crisis. These situations can be more than a bit embarrassing for the young people and families involved, so people tend to avoid talking about them. Even when the situations are apparent to others, no one knows what to say or do to help — and they don’t want to add to anyone’s embarrassment — so the common behavior is that we all awkwardly not make eye contact with the problem.  

Introducing My Practice 

I recently started a life coaching practice that focuses on assisting people for whom the road to adulthood — or “adulting” — is neither obvious nor easy.  Sometimes the struggles are so significant that a young person continues to live quietly at home for an extended period, not taking the steps that a typical person that age might take to gain adult independence. It is commonly labeled as “failure to launch syndrome” and it is sadly something of a pandemic these days.