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Helping Young People with Capability, Confidence, and Calling

Marty Introduces Himself

Marty’s Bio

Marty is a broadly accomplished professional, with a track record of success in roles from consumer products marketing to B2B category-making and business development. He led the creation of product innovations experienced by virtually everyone in the western hemisphere. Over his career, Marty repeatedly role-modeled how to drive business performance with a people-first, compassionate approach to listening and leadership.

After working at grocery stores to earn his way through Cleveland State University, Marty joined Kraft Foods where he grew through a series of roles over more than a decade, driving growth for products like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinners, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Pillsbury Biscuits.

Marty joined GOJO Industries in 1998 and contributed in a variety of ways as the company grew into a global leader in skin care and hygiene applications. He led the development and commercialization of many PURELL products. He managed a set of North American businesses to breakthrough performance and concluded his work at GOJO in 2021 as the Vice President of the PURELL Hand Sanitizer product category.

In recent years Marty served on advisory boards at The University of Akron and Cleveland State University, coaching students on life planning and professional effectiveness. He connected with how challenging it can be for young people today to step confidently into their adult lives.

After retiring from GOJO, Marty became a life coach who specializes in helping people build independent, secure and satisfying adult lives. He leverages his decades of experience as a parent, manager, uncle and mentor to help young adults accomplish their potential through structured workflows, learning exercises and thoughtful discussions.

Marty and his wife Mary Kay reside in Chagrin Falls, OH where they raised their four children and now enjoy entertaining their grandchildren. Marty and Mary Kay are active participants in community groups and civic programs that contribute to the ongoing success of the northeast Ohio area.

Marty Talks About Helping People

This is like working with a mentor - or an uncle.

This is not therapy or counseling. This is like having an uncle who helps you get your life on track.

This uncle has a ton of personal and professional experience in the real world. He is well-traveled and well-read. He is compassionate and fairly spiritual. He is a student of the human condition, and he gets that we are all travelers together on a journey.

This uncle is a great listener who asks a lot of curious questions. When he asks about your day or how you are doing, he really wants to know. And he comes equipped with a supply of anecdotes and stories that keep the time together interesting.

This uncle is also quite serious about your success. He is practical and results-oriented. He believes in showing up every day to do the work and learning by experience. He preaches action orientation, resilience, entrepreneurship, and the importance of good decision-making.

This uncle cares about you personally and it shows. He likes you so much that he is not afraid to call you out. He smiles while challenging you to think something through, or when calling “BS” on sloppy work or half-baked efforts. He does it in such a way, though, that you find yourself smiling back.

This uncle believes you are capable of doing interesting and rewarding things with your life. He is optimistic that everything will work out fine if you put the work into it and keep coming back.

This uncle does his best work while drinking tea in a well-worn chair, with his feet up on an ottoman. And if the Ohio weather is nice he will be working in his screen porch.

"Let's help you to think things through, make smart decisions, and get on your way one step at a time."
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