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Helping Young People with Capability, Confidence, and Calling

Marty is a great strategist and motivator. Not only did he give me the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to carve out my career path, but he also gave me the confidence I needed to get going again.  

I was feeling very lost when I started working with Marty, as I had spent a number of years pursuing a line of work that did not work out for me. We spent the first few weeks just refreshing my thinking about who I am and what I might want to do for a living. We talked a lot about my strengths, capabilities and interests, and how I would tell my story when connecting with people. Marty helped me to realize that while my past pursuits didn’t work out, I had a lot of interesting stories to tell and experiences that I could apply in other areas. 

Then I jumped right into the job hunt and I quickly landed an internship in my field of work. Marty checked in with me regularly throughout the internship and offered advice to help me succeed there. As I write this, my career is underway and I am honestly just a lot happier and more confident about things. 

Josh (age 30) 

Marty has become such a great friend and mentor for me! I was really scared about a lot of things when I started working with him. We took things one step at a time. He was patient with me but he also challenged me a lot to be my best self. There were so many things I had been avoiding thinking about!  I feel much more capable now, but I am still working through things.  I am really happy to have Marty as my coach.

Annie (age 21)

Marty did great work with our son who was struggling to find his career path and the happiness that comes with it.

Marty helped him to identify his many God-given talents and to recognize his many strengths. They worked slowly but surely together laying the groundwork for a refreshed, possibility-rich outlook and then a successful search. As they were working together, we noticed a significant uptick in our son’s overall confidence and a distinctive positive turn in his thinking.

Adult children often tune out their parents when it comes to life’s decisions, and sometimes they need a wise and experienced “uncle” to help them find a good path forward. For our son, Marty was that “uncle” figure.

David (parent of a client)

I came to Marty seeking guidance on how to make my first steps into a new career. I had a solid college degree from a reputable university, yet I didn’t know exactly what direction I wanted to take my career in. I was also struggling with confidence and my focus on finding this new job.

Marty helped me to figure out what I excelled at, and more importantly, how those things can be valuable to an organization. He kept me focused on my path and helped me build momentum working towards my goals. He helped me figure out how to tell my story, and then to build an effective resume that I feel good about. I am now applying to different positions with the confidence that I will soon receive an offer.

I am grateful for the motivation and confidence that Marty has instilled in me. I would recommend him to anyone that may feel lost about how to navigate the modern workplace, or those that are trying to start their careers. 

Rylee (age 24) 

When it was time for me to graduate from college, I really did not know what I was going to doI had worked my way through school by working at a Subway restaurant and I did not feel prepared or have any confidence for trying to find a professional jobMarty took me under his wing and he taught me so muchWe talked regularly, especially about different kinds of jobs and he helped me believe I could do itAfter a while he pushed me hard to start networking with people, and it worked greatI found a great post-college job in just a few monthsI would not have found that job without Marty’s guidance and his belief in me. 

Brigitte (age 22)

I like how Marty made our conversations informal but also focused and purposeful.

During my first sessions with him, he really took the time to get to know me as a person and understand the predicament in my life. Marty was patient and listened to me, but as we get to know each other better he began to challenge me in serious and really helpful ways. He helped me to examine my frame of mind and some maybe bad assumptions I had been making. He prompted me to consider looking at things differently, not be trapped by negativity or bitterness, and then to get out of my comfort zones and start growing again. He showed me that it might be OK for me to even start feeling good about myself. It had really been a long time since I felt good about myself.

Marty helped me to see myself and my path forward with new possibilities. I am working now in positive directions and I am glad to have Marty as my friend and coach.

Robert (age 27) 

Marty truly helped me become better and more confident in myself as he helped me to think through and navigate my employment opportunities after college. I had been struggling to figure out how to get into the job / industry that I had been studying so hard for in college these past few years. I was stuck and wandering and I had totally lost my momentum. The very first day I met Marty I immediately knew he would be helpful for me in my job hunt.

Marty came up with good ideas to get me started and then he kept me focused every week, with different tasks to complete before each session. He worked with me on different exercises and assignments to help me become more confident in interviews and know exactly what to look out for when dealing with different kinds of people in the workplace. He also gave me fresh and new ways to expand my social media platforms so they would look good to future employers. It was great how he just talked to me and listened to me and then he taught me things.

Marty’s coaching sessions will help you with whatever it is you are struggling with, and help you to figure out the cause of it, and then come up with different solutions to get you back on track. Marty is curious and is always willing to learn new things himself so he can better understand exactly what you want to do and how he can help you. Most of all, he keeps it real and wants you to do the same as it will be better for everyone involved and set you up for better experiences moving forward.

I cannot thank Marty enough for the help he has given me. I am excited to get out there and start working in an industry that I love.

Andrew (age 24) 

Prior to selecting Marty as his career coach, our son was lost in navigating his job search. (Many students who finish college don’t necessarily know where to start with a job search.) Over a period of weeks, Marty helped our son to build out his resume. his online profile, his cover letter. Most importantly, though, Marty helped him to regain his confidence in himself.

Marty worked with our son in weekly sessions to explore his strengths and weaknesses, and then they together built a strategy with a targeted approach for the career he was seeking.

As the weeks passed, we were encouraged by the feedback reports that Marty provided to us on a regular basis. We could tell that his coaching sessions are a two-way street, meaning that it’s real dialogue and not just Marty doing all the talking, also that Marty was giving our son assignments every week to prepare for the following session.

We have seen a transformation in our son, and we thank Marty for believing in him. He now has a targeted resume and a cohesive approach and the confidence to find a job in the market that interests him. 

We recommend Marty to work with any recent college students that lack confidence and just do not know where to start. His practical experience in the business world equips him to provide students with lessons and learning experiences based on real world situations. Marty also displays empathy, as has a caring approach and he truly wants his clients to succeed.

Deb and George (parents of a client) 

I began to work with Marty because I had had some personal setbacks that resulted in unsatisfactory work experiences and uncomfortable career gaps. Marty helped me to see my strengths and gave me the confidence to pursue the job I really wanted. I have so much more optimism and enthusiasm now than I had before I started working with him. I am back to building my career with confidence in myself and in the possibilities.

Marty applies practical solutions and principles from his real-world experience as a business leader. I would highly recommend that any young person would benefit from Marty’s coaching and his wisdom. 

Matt (age 31)

I was feeling overwhelmed by the idea of getting a job and becoming my own adult person. But Marty made it look doable, and promising. After having a few conversations with him- I immediately felt that working with him was a giant leap towards the right direction. 

Marty breaks the work down into sections that will not only help you to find a job, but help you build your personal life as well.  In the first few weeks we just worked on figuring out who I was. A lot of people don’t understand that this is foundational to getting a job. 

Marty offered exercises that helped me understand what type of environment I wanted to be around and what type of people I would work best with. All of a sudden I did not feel so overwhelmed anymore. We also did a fun exercise called “speed dating with jobs” where Marty went above and beyond in thinking about jobs I might like. All I had to do was answer “yes” or “no” with a small explanation of why. After this session I felt I had confidence towards getting a job because he opened my mind to many opportunities I never knew existed.

After a period of weeks, Marty had me start leading our working sessions myself. He understood that it was necessary for me to have the freedom to ask questions that were on my mind and tell him what I needed in order to be successful. 

Marty helped me get back on track and start growing again as a person. I gained confidence, life knowledge, self-understanding, and motivation.  Marty is a genuine guy who is constantly looking to help others and share his knowledge. I made the right move by calling Marty for help and I hope anyone struggling to figure out their life will do the same. Not only did I grow as a person, but I gained a lifelong friend. 

Danny (age 26) 

Marty was tremendously helpful to our daughter as she was trying to figure out her post-college employment.  They would meet every week, working through topics from how she presented herself, to her resume, to applying for jobs.  The time they spent sorting out what kind of job she wanted was really valuable as she didn’t get that kind of career guidance at school. The practice interview sessions were also very helpful. Her self-awareness and confidence grew greatly.  She and Marty are still close, and she calls him for advice from time to time.

Bill (parent of a client)

Marty invested a lot of time in my personal and professional growth. My career exploration and job search progressed through our hours of working sessions and writing exercises, and I was able to prepare for real world experiences like career fairs and interviews. Because of our work together, I was able to obtain my first full-time job in my chosen field of study. I sincerely recommend Marty as a coach for other young people who are trying to find that first job. 

Clare (age 21)

I am very happy that Marty came into my life. I struggle sometimes because I have not had very good role models and I made some mistakes a few years ago. It is good to have Marty now as my friend and mentor.  We talk every week and he helps me to stay focused on making good decisions and thinking about where I will go from here.  

Gus (age 24)

Marty was a tremendous help for our daughter.  She has some disabilities that were making it hard for her to find her first professional job out of college and after months of no progress her confidence and momentum were badly damaged.  Marty became her coach and teacher and cheerleader.  He helped her to improve how she presented herself and they spent a lot of time working on how she talked about her medical history. They spent hours in practice interview sessions. Her self-awareness, confidence and poise improved noticeably. In the end she interviewed successfully and got that first job, working in corporate communications. Thank you Marty for being such a help to our family!

Colleen (parent of a client)

Marty O’Toole has both the passion and the experience to help young people both envision and navigate towards their ideal future. When Marty served as a mentoring volunteer at the university, the students quickly responded to his passion, his compassion, his honesty and his obvious wisdom. As a father, former business executive, advisory board member and mentor to many young people Marty is the ideal life coach for those who have the will to move forward.

Deb Owens | Interim Department Chair, Department of Marketing, The University of Akron

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