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Let’s Use Better Words — Like “Lost In Place”

I propose that we can help our “adulting challenged” young people — individually and collectively — by using language that would mitigate the embarrassment and shame that can accompany a young person’s difficulties. If we do that, we can encourage them to attend to their problems directly, and find their way more quickly and effectively, by engaging with people who might be helpful to them. And we will ease their emotional pain as well.

My objective in this content is to call attention to this problem with negative language and introduce the expression “lost in place” with the recommending that we adopt it broadly as more compassionate and constructive language that can help us to young people to find their way.

Guidance for Gen Z Job-Seekers — and Those Who Would Hire Them

Experienced managers are probably familiar with the topics at hand, as Gen Z workplace failure stories seem to be everywhere these days.

Consider these experience-based recommendations in support of successful employment outcomes all around as Gen Z joins the workplace…

5 Recommendations for Early Career Job Hunters

I genuinely sympathize with young people who are feeling discouraged, but I propose that there are LOTS of ways young people can improve their success when job hunting.”Early career” job hunters can significantly improve their chances of finding satisfying employment that will give them financial and career security if they consider and do the following…

If Cinderella had a Life Coach

Cinderella (now Cindy) packed her things and moved out of the castle the very next day, with a brisk but polite goodbye to the stepmother and stepsisters who were caught quite off guard, and were bewildered, but they couldn’t stop her. Mostly they just wanted to know who would sweep their cinders. Not Cindy’s problem. She moved out and never looked back. 

Keeping ADHD in Perspective

ADHD can become an unwelcome but convenient red herring that hides or excuses underlying adulting problems that should be addressed. 

Let’s Start With Who You Are

Many young people of this generation operate with an ever-shifting set of fragmented, muddled, and often misleading identity elements. This identity stew makes it hard for them to live with confidence or resilience.

“The Coddling of the American Mind” is an Important Read

“The Coddling of the American Mind” unpacks how / why it is that SO MANY young people coming of age in the last 20 years lack confidence and self-reliance, are disinclined to engage with things that challenge them, and are afraid to claim their own adulthood.

Of Comfort Zones and Cages

With just a bit of facilitation they can identify their own comfort zones and consider if / how those are holding them back.

Atypical People Gotta Hustle

It can be hard for people with mobility or communication disabilities – or unusual body types or features — to navigate hiring teams’ perceptions. Challenging dynamics exist even when the prospective employer or hiring team has no active biases against “differently-abled” people, even when the atypical candidate’s condition would in no way compromise their ability to do the job in question.