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Guidance for Gen Z Job-Seekers — and Those Who Would Hire Them

Experienced managers are probably familiar with the topics at hand, as Gen Z workplace failure stories seem to be everywhere these days.

Consider these experience-based recommendations in support of successful employment outcomes all around as Gen Z joins the workplace…

5 Recommendations for Early Career Job Hunters

I genuinely sympathize with young people who are feeling discouraged, but I propose that there are LOTS of ways young people can improve their success when job hunting.”Early career” job hunters can significantly improve their chances of finding satisfying employment that will give them financial and career security if they consider and do the following…

Entry-level Thinking vs Underemployment

The difference between “internships” and simple hourly jobs is 100% in the eye of the beholder.  When a young person approaches any job with focus, curiosity and ambition, that work comes to life for them and can pay benefits far beyond the hourly wage.    

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Story. Own it.

Let’s help young adults to not be embarrassed about their story, and to be ready to introduce themselves with their entire life truth on display without apology. With practice, they can turn their life stories into powerful assets that help them along their way rather than holding them back.

Career Coaching for Young Adults

Sometimes young people have a REALLY hard time figuring out what they want to do for a living.  This “what to do with my life?” dilemma is not necessarily associated with deep-seated adulting challenges, neuroses, or negative behaviors. Often these are well-adjusted young people, raised with a good work ethic and role models, who just struggle with making decisions or taking actions in this regard.