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Guidance for Gen Z Job-Seekers — and Those Who Would Hire Them

Experienced managers are probably familiar with the topics at hand, as Gen Z workplace failure stories seem to be everywhere these days.

Consider these experience-based recommendations in support of successful employment outcomes all around as Gen Z joins the workplace…

“The Coddling of the American Mind” is an Important Read

“The Coddling of the American Mind” unpacks how / why it is that SO MANY young people coming of age in the last 20 years lack confidence and self-reliance, are disinclined to engage with things that challenge them, and are afraid to claim their own adulthood.

Of Comfort Zones and Cages

With just a bit of facilitation they can identify their own comfort zones and consider if / how those are holding them back.

“Anxiety” or “anxiety”?

Every time a young person steps up to do something that makes them anxious – whether it goes well and they celebrate the win, or it goes badly and they fail but don’t die — it gets easier to step up the next time with increased confidence and even optimism.