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5 Recommendations for Early Career Job Hunters

I genuinely sympathize with young people who are feeling discouraged, but I propose that there are LOTS of ways young people can improve their success when job hunting.”Early career” job hunters can significantly improve their chances of finding satisfying employment that will give them financial and career security if they consider and do the following…

Atypical People Gotta Hustle

It can be hard for people with mobility or communication disabilities – or unusual body types or features — to navigate hiring teams’ perceptions. Challenging dynamics exist even when the prospective employer or hiring team has no active biases against “differently-abled” people, even when the atypical candidate’s condition would in no way compromise their ability to do the job in question.  

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Story. Own it.

Let’s help young adults to not be embarrassed about their story, and to be ready to introduce themselves with their entire life truth on display without apology. With practice, they can turn their life stories into powerful assets that help them along their way rather than holding them back.