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Guidance for Gen Z Job-Seekers — and Those Who Would Hire Them

Experienced managers are probably familiar with the topics at hand, as Gen Z workplace failure stories seem to be everywhere these days.

Consider these experience-based recommendations in support of successful employment outcomes all around as Gen Z joins the workplace…

If Cinderella had a Life Coach

Cinderella (now Cindy) packed her things and moved out of the castle the very next day, with a brisk but polite goodbye to the stepmother and stepsisters who were caught quite off guard, and were bewildered, but they couldn’t stop her. Mostly they just wanted to know who would sweep their cinders. Not Cindy’s problem. She moved out and never looked back. 

Keeping ADHD in Perspective

ADHD can become an unwelcome but convenient red herring that hides or excuses underlying adulting problems that should be addressed. 

“The Coddling of the American Mind” is an Important Read

“The Coddling of the American Mind” unpacks how / why it is that SO MANY young people coming of age in the last 20 years lack confidence and self-reliance, are disinclined to engage with things that challenge them, and are afraid to claim their own adulthood.

Atypical People Gotta Hustle

It can be hard for people with mobility or communication disabilities – or unusual body types or features — to navigate hiring teams’ perceptions. Challenging dynamics exist even when the prospective employer or hiring team has no active biases against “differently-abled” people, even when the atypical candidate’s condition would in no way compromise their ability to do the job in question.  

Pessimism – or Purpose?

We can help people in this “wandering” and “pessimistic” generation by stirring their thinking around how they might figure out and get to work on their purpose in life.

The Devil is in the Downtime

When we know a younger adult who is feeling stalled in their life, let’s encourage them to have some ambition in how they use those open hours. Constructive activities, done in a structured way, can help build the foundations and fortitude they need to sort out their career and well-rounded adult life. And those activities may lead to new ideas and opportunities to get out of that rut.  

This Ain’t Therapy

People ask if my coaching approach is comparable to therapy.  My response is — for sure not.  I am super respectful of therapists and therapy practices.  But I am happy to compare and contrast between my coaching approach and the work of a licensed therapist.  

Entry-level Thinking vs Underemployment

The difference between “internships” and simple hourly jobs is 100% in the eye of the beholder.  When a young person approaches any job with focus, curiosity and ambition, that work comes to life for them and can pay benefits far beyond the hourly wage.    

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Story. Own it.

Let’s help young adults to not be embarrassed about their story, and to be ready to introduce themselves with their entire life truth on display without apology. With practice, they can turn their life stories into powerful assets that help them along their way rather than holding them back.